FEINART Public Lecture Announcement


We are proud to announce another entry in our FEINART Lecture Series. On April 29 at 17:30 BST (18:30 CEST) the FEINART network member and founder of State of Concept Athens iLiana Fokianaki will present a lecture on ‘Curating as Instituting: Peripheries and Precarity’.

The artistic life of places with weak or absent public infrastructures for arts and culture is possible largely due to the work of independent organisations. In Greece, the absence of a cultural infrastructure for decades, and the long-time financial and social crisis has made curating and running a non-profit space an almost clandestine operation; existing at the margins of the economy, self-initiating and imagining new forms of work and labour and alternative economies. However precarious the conditions, these entities manage to develop ways of building institutions, of researching, of curating, or creating and imagining spaces for thought. And although they entail underpaid labour, improvised technical solutions and a use of resources based on collective sharing, friendship and exchange of skills, they also enable an approach to thinking and operating that is emancipated from pressures relating to audience numbers, formal behaviours, and expectations of growth and expansion. This is what characterises the independent institutional landscape in which State of Concept was founded. iLiana Fokianaki will offer a reading into how these ways of operating within the curatorial context turn curating into instituting and will propose models for institutional languages that provide new routes in building innovative ways of connecting audiences and cultural practice.

This lecture can be booked for free via Eventbrite through the following link – Book Tickets

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