FEINART Final Conference in Edinburgh March 2024

FEINART (2020-2024) is the first EU-funded network to provide a wide-ranging academic and non-academic training programme for the development and production of socially engaged art in Europe. The FEINART team and a limited number of guests from the field conferred in Edinburgh to discuss findings, gaps, milestones, positions and interpretation, including questions on the independent arts sector and the continuing debate on art and the public sphere.

Conference structure: On Day 1, March 8, also International Women’s Day, the FEINART Early Stage Researchers will present short papers relating to their doctoral research as part of the broader project. Papers are grouped into four themed panels (see below). On Day 2, March 9, we welcome the keynote speakers, artist Mali Wu and curator Annie Fletcher. Each keynote talk is followed by an Assembly; to enable focused discussion, each Assembly will engage the perspectives of three smaller groups. We wish to thank the keynote speakers, artist Mali Wu and curator Annie Fletcher, the FEINART team (ESRs, HE Beneficiaries, Partner Organisations, the administrative teams involved, the funding body), and our guests from Scotland and elsewhere for sharing their experiences, knowledge, questions, thoughts, fears and hopes for socially engaged art, its institutions, the future.

All pictures were taken by Julian Gwinnett.

FEINART Network Meeting in Berlin March 2023

On 20th of March our ESRs participated in a tailormade workshop  at Make-up (independent project space) Papierstraße 11, 13409 Berlin. During the three day workshop our researchers were given the chance to expand on collaborative models of governance, alternative funding models, art and activism.

Day 1

The first day is dedicated to collaborative and inclusive governance in the cultural sector with Katarina Pavić (reshape network; cultural worker and activist from Zagreb). It also includes a warm welcome and short introduction of Make-up by Jakob Wirth.

Day 2

The second day was hosted by Zeyno Pekünlü (artist and activist from Istanbul). Our researchers will have the chance to expand their discussions on art and activism and their invisible threads. They will also participate on Fireside chat with Alexander Farenholtz (former managing director of documenta as well as founding chairman and administrative director of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes) at Art Laboratory Berlin, http://www.artlaboratory-berlin.org/

Day 3

Finally, the third day is dedicated to visiting independent art spaces as well as a talk by Chto Delat/ Dmitry Vilensky

All pictures from the Berlin workshop were taken by Karen van den Berg.

A Field of Where, What, When

A Field of Where, What, Whenis a conference of international arts and cultural practitioners who work on themes of land, place-(un)making and community-building for social, political and ecological change. This conference will happen at Zeppelin University(Friedrichshafen) and online, on March 9, from 13:30 – 16:00 CET


A Field explores how these artists work locally, the kinds of knowledges and pedagogies they draw on, the new uses of land and adaptations of existing architecture they propose, and the idea of the south as a shared horizon. The collectives and artists involved are: Die Blaue Blume e.V., Andan Mirwan and Iswanto Hartono (ruangrupa), Ernesto Oroza (Azimut, University of St. Etienne), Jakob Wirth (Make Up e.V, Operation Himmelblick), Louise Hobson (SWAY) and Unnar Örn Audarson (South Iceland Biennale).


Participants include:

Andan Mirwan and Iswanto Hartono (ruangrupa), Ernesto Oroza(Azimut, University of St. Etienne), Jakob Wirth(Make Up e.V, Operation Himmelblick), Louise Hobson (SWAY), die Blaue Blume e.V., and Unnar Örn Audarson (South Iceland Biennale).


Presentations and public discussion

Zeppelin University, 2.03 (FAB)

13:30 – 16:00

(booking recommended)


Meet the artists and continue conversations at the Eckkneipe

Die Blaue Blume e.V. (Fallenbrunnen 12/1)

19:00 onwards

(no booking necessary)




PREVIOUS: Project Network Workshop in Iceland

The Network Workshop took place from 25 until 27 March 2022 at (and was organised by) the University of Iceland (UoI) in Reykjavik, Iceland. Due to the Covid-19 related limitations the Workshop marked the first time, the entire network would meet in person together and it was therefore a very important event in the history of the FEINART project.

Day 1

The first day was dedicated to internal  workshop trainings with three sessions that were followed by group work involving all participants present. The topics discussed during the first day included a reflection on the programme so far with space for all participants to share their personal experiences.

Day 2

The second day was designed as an open conference with the following guest speakers: Fatin Farhan, Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir, Mirwan Andan and Ajeng N Aini, members of ruangrupa, Thomas Pausz and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir, followed by a general discussion. Four FEINART Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) were assigned to give a reply for each speaker and being involved in the general discussion: Claude Nassar, Fabiola Fiocco, Sophie Mak-Schram and Marteinn Jonsson. The day ended with a reception for symposium attendees and a dinner. The event was livestreamed on the University of Iceland website and a recording can be found on this site along with pictures.

Day 3

The last day of the workshop took the form of a cultural experience tour through various locations in Iceland and in meeting local artists. This programme was envisioned to both address the team-building aspect of the network as well as to get a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage and modern arts scene in Iceland.

All pictures from the symposium on Saturday 26 March 2022 were taken by Gunnar Sverrisson.

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