ESR 10 Blog September 2021: Anna Fech


LOSJ: I recently attended a lecture at the university called “Can artificial intelligence think?”. How is the situation for the inhabitants on Mars? What role does technology play there?

AELITA: Here, knowledge never gets lost, everyone learns from early childhood how to get access to the secret books of the Atlantids. We don’t have to read them. It happens automatically, depending on which knowledge has to be accessed. That is why we do not need any technological tools like the people on Earth.

LOSJ: What knowledge is conveyed in these books?

AELITA: Every tribe on Mars has its special gift. There are, for example, the Aoles, who are particularly skilled at agriculture. They can use the power of their thoughts to move large stones from one place to another, and combine the elements in such a way that it stimulates the plants to grow. They don’t use any technology here either. It is discussed with the highest agriculture council, which gives the permission and after this decision everything moves as if by itself. The council takes care that it happens according to the law of harmony and it happens in favor for all involved – no one can enrich themselves here or need to suffer from hunger.

LOSJ: AI is used to train chess players, for example, to find better strategies. By giving control to AI the system comes up with solutions that were not previously considered. Thus, the chess players are better prepared for their tournaments.

AELITA: I have observed this way of thinking a lot on Earth and this kind of thinking is alien to us on Mars. We are not interested in outdoing or beating, humiliating anyone else. We know that our tribes all have their own strengths and abilities, for this reason we create everything in harmony, there is no hierarchical thinking here. Because of this, nobody is interested in such activities.

LOSJ: AI is also used a lot in medicine. How does medicine work for you?

AELITA: The gift of healing is practiced with us by the daughters of the Aam tribe. Their ancestors come from the City of the Hundred Golden Gates in which science was taught and this knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. They are able to recognize the essence of things and can thus recognize the root of the disease. In addition, they are able to see the future and can thus help others with their knowledge.

LOSJ: AI is also often used by us to make forecasts, for example in relation to the weather.

AELITA: I have observed how much people on earth are interested in controlling the external environment. Of course, they would prefer to be able to plan and foresee everything, but we on Mars are not that interested in what is going on on the so called outside. We are much less concerned with what people on earth call „matter“. My husband Tuskub controls the invisible spheres, he is the energy holder. As a child he already learned how to get access to the smallest electrical particles, so that he can bring the existing disharmonies back into balance by charging or discharging them.

LOS: There is a wide discussion about what intelligence actually is. For example, it was mentioned during the lecture that animals such as monkeys are less intelligent than humans. How do you classify that?

AELITA: As I mentioned earlier, the law of mutual respect applies here, even across species. We see the wonderful animal world as a miracle of creation, they are teachers for us like every other tribe. Each species has a unique perception of the environment. For this reason, it would not occur to us to compare them here either. The Semse tribe has a special relationship with plants and animals, they can communicate with them. They can sense the subtle vibrations and communication mechanisms of these living beings and can thus also help others to understand them better. Recently a member of the Semse tribe explained to me that a funny comrade of the Tuvijah – they are similar to your monkey creatures – sitting next to me, asked him: Why does the woman look so sad? That really cheered me up, I was so absorbed in my thoughts again that I didn’t even notice …

LOSJ: How about wars? Here on earth, AI is also used for this purpose. The internet, for example, was first developed as a military tool.

AELITA: The tribe of the Magazitel – which means „the inexorable” – pay attention to the law of over-saturation. If the madness of degenerate reason breaks out among the inhabitants, they intervene. They conjure the spirits of fire, which creates high ocean waves, floods, volcanic eruptions, storms hitting the respective regions… Those affected are seized with a feeling of madness, of frenzy. With their right hands they burst and spew cold destructive flames, with their left hands they strike the bodies of the other obfuscated inhabitants.

Losj suddenly forgot what he wanted to ask next, he took off the headphones from his receiver device that had connected him to the queen of Mars. The time seemed to have passed so quickly, his heart was pounding. Every time he talked to her, a lightning struck his heart. The voice of Aelita echoed in his head, the voice of love, eternity, longing, he felt floating with her through the whole universe.


Alexej Tolstoi: AELITA. Utopischer Roman. Berlin, Das Neue Berlin, 1977. First published in Russian by GIZ Verlag, Moscow / Petrograd 1923.

Silent film by Jakob Protsanow: AELITA – The flight to Mars (1924).

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