FEINART Public Lecture Announcement

We are proud to announce another entry in our FEINART Lecture Series. On November 11 at 17:30 BST (18:30 CEST) Dan Peterman & Christoph Schäfer will present a conversation with the title: “Building Common Places”

In this FEINART talk, Dan Peterman & Christoph Schäfer discuss the following questions: What characterises activist and socially engaged art projects that last for several decades? What happens to these when they become institutionalised? And how do these projects change when they take community development into their hands over several decades? What role do artists play in this? What knowledge do they bring with them?

Both artists will present briefly their long-term projects and then discuss the above-mentioned questions with each other and with us.

This lecture can be booked for free via Eventbrite through the following link – Book Tickets

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