FEINART Public Lecture Announcement


We are proud to announce another entry in our FEINART Lecture Series. On December 2 at 17:30 GMT (18:30 CET) Helena Reckitt will present a lecture on “Feminist Curating and Care: Possibilities and Limits”.

Discussing recent curatorial projects that bring values of mutual care to the fore, Helena Reckitt considers how they support Joan Tronto’s advocation of ‘caring with,’ based in “plurality, communication, trust and respect; solidarity” (Tronto, Caring Democracy, 2013). Reckitt takes a self-critical look at the values of competition, ambition and professionalism that shaped her previous working habits as an institutional curator to advocate for different curatorial approaches that embrace transparency, vulnerability, and co-dependence. By shifting attention away from public performances of radicalism and criticality towards under-valued, behind-the-scenes activities, she suggests that these endeavours are placeholders for less exploitative ways of working, producing, and coexisting.

This lecture can be booked for free via Eventbrite through the following link – Book Tickets

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