Biennale Warszawa

Bienalle Warsava

Biennale Warszawa was established in the late autumn of 2017 and it is a cultural institution financed from the Warsaw municipal budget. It was designed as an interdisciplinary hub working in a continuous manner at the intersection of various disciplines, with a distinct socio-political profile. It collaborates with other cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and social initiatives, and prepares an „interdisciplinary event in the form of a biennale”. Biennale Warszawa is an institution integrating artistic ideas with research, discursive and publishing activity, in accordance with a practice well-known and established in the art world. Primarily, however, it enabled the creation of a new type of institution that operates in parallel in the artistic and political areas, while attempting to reclaim influence not only through public debate but also social and political life.

Using the known and disputable biennale format, the Biennale Warszawa team applies it in a specific way. The main emphasis is placed on the ongoing programme of the institution, executed between subsequent editions of the festival. Therefore, „Biennale Warszawa” is, first and foremost, the name of a public institution of culture. Secondly, it encompasses two-year-long cycles of ongoing artistic, research and socio-political activities conducted collectively by the curatorial team. Finally, it designates the biennale itself, which in this instance is a complement, extension, and summary of the programming carried out over two years, rather than a separate event, entered into calendar of great exhibitions or festivals entrusted to eminent curators.


Kuba Szreder

Kuba Szreder is lecturer at the department of art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and collaborates regularly with Biennale Warsaw. Graduate of sociology at the Jagiellonian University (Krakow), he received his PhD from Loughborough University School of the Arts. He combines his research with independent curatorial practice. In his interdisciplinary projects he carries out artistic and organizational experiments, joining art with other walks of life. In 2009 he initiated Free/Slow University of Warsaw, with which he completed several inquiries into the political economy of contemporary artistic production, such as Joy Forever. Political Economy of Social Creatvity (2011) and Art Factory. Division of labour and distribution of resources in the field of contemporary art in Poland (2014) and he is also editor and author of several catalogues, readers, book chapters and articles. In his book ABC of Projectariat (Polish edition, 2016), he scrutinizes economic and governmental aspects of project-related modes of artistic production.

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