The four Beneficiaries – the University of Wolverhampton; University of Iceland; University of Edinburgh; and Zeppelin University – have extensive experience in teaching and research into the new forms of social engagement in art, although each offers a particular range of skills and academic resources.

Similarly, the seven Partner Organisations offer different kinds of expertise and resources that will provide a wide range of practical and practical-theoretical training, given the size, level of funding, history and personnel of each organisation.

FEINART is the first network collaboration between degree-awarding, research-centres in political philosophy, art theory/practice and curating/art administration and independent sites of production of socially engaged art across Europe.

It is the first independent art sector-based training network in Europe to be established across a representative number of small and mid-size independent art spaces, enabling access to an unprecedented range of non-academic training across a range of institutional and social contexts.

It is the first European network directly concerned with the administrative problems that face the practice and theory of socially engaged art and questions of cultural democracy in the 21st Century.

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